JLU Billy Rocker

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Product Highlights

  • Frame mount design with replaceable outer skin 
  • Designed to work with or without Titan Tub Armor
  • Fits Jeep Wrangler JLU
  • Built from .190" 5052 aluminum and a combination of .250" and 1875" A-36 Steel
  • Powder coat ready 
  • Aligns to factory holes for installation
  • Sold as a pair

Behind the Design

The evolution of our JLU BIlly rocker design has been one for the books. We originally started off using the same body mount design that we have for years on the TJ and JK. The 3 piece system has held up to some insane trail abuse from coast to coast including being run on a 4600 car at KOH. Needless to say the design is tried and true, so of course we went straight into designing a 3 piece all aluminum body mount system for the JLU. We had the design completed and installed on our JLU for Easter Jeep of 2018. We were able to do a bit of testing during the event however, we never had a chance to really push the product to ensure it would hold up to the Billy Rocker name. The true testing began here in Colorado on a 3 day series of trails starting in Penrose on Independence Trail and ending in Buena Vista on Carnage Canyon. Unfortunately, after the 3 days of punishment we had sustained some damage to the body of the Jeep and even pushed in the b-pillar a bit. This was obviously a huge concern because our goal is always to protect the body. Having a product that is designed to hold up against the riggers of the off-road world is worth nothing if it does not protect the body.

Back to the shop we went to figure out why our rocker worked but the Jeep sustained the damage. After diving into the Solidworks files we noticed that the rocker section of the JLU was designed much differently than the JKU. Not only was it wider but it did not have the supportive structure inside that the JKU has. Our next step was to confirm that we were not missing something in our files so off to the body shop we went. After taking the rocker panel apart our initial thought was confirmed which meant no matter how strong we make the Billy Rocker it would not matter because everything we were attaching to will not hold up to the extreme impacts we manufacture the Billy Rocker to withstand. 

Inorder to ensure our customers have a rocker that they can depended on trail after trail we decided to develop a frame mount design but still keep as many of the design and function aspects that the Billy rocker is known for. From day one this company has pushed for using the right material for the right application. We use aluminum and steel in different areas to maintain weight savings while never sacrificing strength. The hybrid steel and aluminum space frame along with the aluminum skin gives us a fantastic balance of that strength and weight savings.

Our first version of the space frame was all steel which obviously was quite heavy. So after testing we wanted to see if there was a way to maintain the strength but reduce the weight. It took a bit of work but we were able to change out the tie plate to aluminum which saved 20 lbs. per side. This was a big win for the weight category and after testing the new design we had no change in strength. This was the absolute best outcome we could have hoped for, over 40lbs of weight reduced and still just as strong. 

By moving to a frame mount design we were able to make the Titan Tub Armor an option instead of a requirement for the install. Drilling into the side of a new Jeep has always given us a bit of heart ache but we knew it was for a good reason so by giving customers the option to purchase tub armor we have been able to eliminate that heart ache. That is another win in our books.

Of course we still had to put this new design to real world trail abuse so this time it was off to California for a run on the Rubicon and a bit more time in Moab. This time we had the results we wanted. The Billy Rocker held up to everything we threw at it and the Jeep looked just as good at the end of the trail as it did at the beginning. 

We designed the rocker to locate off of the transmission skid plate cross member and the studs that hold the body mounts to the frame. We intentionally avoided any removal of the body bolts due to the number of issues the industry was having trying to remove them to install products. The rocker will hold itself in place once located so that you can easily mark the holes that need to be drilled into the frame to install the nutserts. Once your nutserts are in, bolt the rocker on and you are down the road. If you are going to be doing some extreme rock crawling you may opt to run a few 1” welds on the frame plates however, all of our testing was completed with the rocker bolted on so welding will only add additional strength.

By testing our rockers in extreme conditions across the country we know that when you purchase the Billy Rocker you are buying a product that will protect your Jeep for years to come. 

Product Compatibility

  • If installing with the Teraflex front long kit a slight modification to the rocker is required.
  • If installing with Artec skid plates a minor modification to the skid plate or the rocker can be made or the rocker needs to be installed first then the skid plate over it.
  • If you have questions about fitment with your specific build please contact us at [email protected]

Specialty Tools Required to Complete the Installation

  • Nutsert tool with a 3/8” - 16 mandrel (Available under the tools section of the website)
  • 17/32” Drill Bit (Available under the tools section of the website)
  • Grinder w/ Cutoff wheel (Only if having to make a modification for compatibility)
  • Welder (Only if you choose to weld instead of or addition to bolting them on)

Product Notes

  • See – The MORE INFORMATION Tab – located above, for detailed product specifications
  • See – The INSTALL INSTRUCTION DOWNLOAD tab – located above, to download detailed instructions for this product
More Information
Weight Shipped149.000000
Sold AsPair
Material CompositionAluminum and Steel
Install Time (Hours)6
Install DifficultyLevel 4: Difficult - This difficulty level requires advanced and specialized tools to install. Removal of factory components, precise alignment, measurements, drilling and cutting may be required. The quality of the install will depend on your technical a
Weight Installed156 Lbs.
Prop 65 WarningCA Prop65 Warning
Body Style4 Door (Unlimited)
Install Instructions157300


If you run into any difficulty, or have questions about your install, please contact us at 303-974-2440 or by email [email protected].


Part Name: JLU Billy Rocker

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